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Conductor :

The conductor shall be round solid annealed plain copper wire in diameters 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 or 1.0 mm.

Insulation :

The conductor shall be covered with an extruded layer of solid PE, foam-skin PE or PVC.

The color coding shall be arranged in according to the specification. The colored insulated

shall be twisted into quads and stranded into 10 pairs basic units, 50 pairs basic units or

100 pairs basic unit. A number of basic units shall be performed into the concentric and

compact cable core in according to the requirement pair capacities.

Unit Binder Tap e :

The pairs basic units and the cable cores shall be bound by the polypropilene or similar

plastic tape.

Cable Fillin g :

The cable filling shall be either petrojelly or polybutene jelly compound.

Core Wrapping Tape :

Core wrapping tape shall be either helically or longitudinally polyester or similar plastic


Supreme” Telephone cables are designed based on Telkom Standards (STEL-K) and Manufactu ring spec.

  • Electric Shieldin g :

    The electric shielding shall be the alumunium tape polyethylene lamined on either single

    side or both sides in according tothe requirement.

    Armouring :

    The mechanical protection shall be helically zinc coated steel double tape or corrugated

    steel tape.

    Sheath :

    The cables shall be covered with an extruded layer of black PE or coloring PVC.

    Messengge r :

    The messengger shall be either single or seven stranded zinc -coated steel wire.

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